This is the first time I have ever owned a personal blog. That may seem strange for someone that has made a living to date around content but the reality is I’ve been so consumed in other people’s content that the opportunity has, so far, passed me by.

And so it is with some trepidation that I am starting one today, here, on my first ever personal site. The rationale is simple; I want a place where I can do the things I love doing: sharing mistakes, victories and (possibly meaningless) opinions via the very medium I fell in love with while still attempting to pass my 11-plus and get to ‘Grammar School’ (yep, that was a thing).

I certainly don’t pretebnd to be an expert in any area but what I believe is valuable to is to share real life experiences, good and bad, in the spirit of helping others.

A lot of that will focus around the path to starting the digital marketing agency I founded in Zazzle Media, but it will also look back at where that road started and, hopefully, at what the future holds.

Personal I’m not great at but let’s hope this blog helps me share that journey…